Pink Armor Nail Gel™
Pink Armor Nail Gel™
Pink Armor Nail Gel™
Pink Armor Nail Gel™
Pink Armor Nail Gel™
Pink Armor Nail Gel™

Pink Armor Nail Gel™

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Make your nail beds look beautiful, pinkish, and healthy! Pink Armor Nail Gel™ helps prevent them from chipping or peeling with its keratin rich formula.
Immediately brings out the polished, shiny finish on your nails and effectively whitens the tips as if you have a stunning french manicure! Restore nails that have been damaged by acrylics and glue.
Say goodbye to battered dry nails by simply brushing them on your nails. It’s everything you need for flawless, shiny nails at home!



✔ Keratin Rich Gel: Penetrates deep down to strengthen and restore damaged nails to their best shape possible.
✔ Promotes Nail Growth: If you're a nail biter, this will be a lifesaver! It revitalizes your nail beds fast and effectively.
✔ Nail Bed Protection: It will provide an adequate coating and support to your weak and dry nails from further damage. Protect it from cracks, splitting, and breaking.
✔ Effective Base Coat: It makes nail beds look pinker and the tips whiter while also leaving it smooth and shiny for a mani-pedi!
✔ Makes Polish Last Longer: When used as a top coat for manicure and pedicures, it makes the nail polish lasts longer as it protects it from chipping or peeling.


  • Apply Pink Armor directly to your natural nail.
  • You can recoat over dry Pink Armor at any time.
  • Remove once weekly with nail polish remover.


Composition: Glycerin, wheat protein, angelica extracts
Net Wt:
5 ml


1 x Pink Armor Nail Gel™