Funny Cake Money Box
Funny Cake Money Box
Funny Cake Money Box
Funny Cake Money Box
Funny Cake Money Box
Funny Cake Money Box

Funny Cake Money Box

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Surprise You Beloved Ones With The Best ATM Cake!

Our Funny Cake Money Box helps create unforgettable memories for your family or friends, especially on their big days! Your cake will be the biggest hit at the birthday party with a sweet and cash-filled surprise!

Hide a roll of money into the cake money box and put it inside the birthday cake, as the recipient lifts up the wishing sign or candle on the top, the money will keep coming!

No need to worry about putting it into the cake because this special box for money rolls is made from a safe, food-grade material. It is environmentally friendly, washable, odorless and colorless. Be safe and joyful at the same time!


  • Big Gift Surprise: 
    Turn any cake into an ATM machine! Perfect for creating unforgettable memories for family or friends. Your cakes will be a big hit to the party, a sweet and cash-filled surprise that would surely make any celebrant jump in joy! 
  • Spills Money Design:
    An ATM birthday cake that spits money out! Dollar bills are securely placed inside to give a huge surprise. Fits real or fake dollar bills on your preference!
  • Easy To Install:
    Put the money into the bag, glue the bag together, then fold the money into the box, as the recipient lifts up the wishing sign or candle on the top, the money will keep coming! Completely hides money rolls or customizable gifts inside of a cake. 
  • 100% Safe:
    This special box for money rolls is made from a safe, food-grade material. It is environmentally friendly, washable, odorless and colorless. The transparent and high hardness box is tightly buckled, which can touch the food with plastic bags and isolate the paper money to avoid direct contact with the food.
  • For Any Special Occasions:
    Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, graduation and other events. Let your family or friends have fun together in celebrations or parties. 


  1. Put the money or the paper bills into the transparent packets.
  2. Tear the interface cover as you laid the packets flat on the table.
  3. Align and stick each packet together.
  4. Turn over the packets and apply adhesive on the back.
  5. After applying adhesive to all the packets, fold them into the same pattern.
  6. Put them inside the box and be sure to connect your rolls to a greeting so that when it is pulled the money rolls will follow.


  • Material: Food-grade Plastic
  • Weight: 76g
  • Size: 11 x 11 x 7 cm
  • Color: Transparent
  • Suitable for: 6 inch, 8 inch cake


  • 1 x Funny Cake Money Box