Automatic Adjustable Water Pump Pliers

Automatic Adjustable Water Pump Pliers

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The automatic water pump pliers has no manual adjustment required, no gear limit, its automatic locking design is perfect for pipe screws of various sizes.WIDE SCOPE OF APPLICATION

This pliers is suitable is widely used in everyday work such as automobile, internal combustion engine, agricultural machinery and indoor pipeline installation and maintenance work.HARDENED TOOTH DESIGN

The automatic pump pliers have sharp and hardened tooth and all purpose jaw shape for gripping objects of any shape: round, square, hexagonal or flat. It is not slippery and not easy to wear.ERGONOMIC HANDLE

The Automatic Adjustable Water Pump Plier's ergonomic design handle is made of high-quality rubber, environmentally friendlynon-toxic, durable, labor-saving, and beautiful in appearance.HIGH QUALITY

The pump plier is made of high-quality nickel-chromium alloy steel material, with a hardness of about 55 HRC, strong and wear-resistant; the coating is treated with high-temperature black nickel, which is not easy to rust.

Material: Nickel-Chromium Alloy Steel

Size: 10 Inch

1 x Automatic Adjustable Water Pump Pliers